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Is there really a difference between women's and men's grooming products?

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

When we're looking to find the next beauty product we'll usually buy

we look for it to be compatible with the type of skin and the needs of our skin,

so we can choose the appropriate one.

But before we even get to that point, we see that there is one more

basic division into products. Men's or women's. The logical question that often

arises, therefore, is whether the goods in question should be so divided.

It is no secret that the main audience of care and beauty products - which

is a global, huge billion-dollar industry - it's all about women. So

so, from packaging, the colors and designs of a package, to

advertising campaigns we see are usually targeted at the female audience.

However, in recent years, men show more and more interest in her

treatment. We see it as a big trend on social media, in magazines, while now

there are many choices of grooming products on the shelves exclusively for men -

although not as many as women.

However, is it bad for a man to use a women's product? Will

will it affect his skin negatively or will it be completely unnecessary? They differ in

composition, is there any scientific evidence for their separation or is it just

a marketing gimmick that will eventually get old? In these questions will

try to answer below.

Are there biological differences between the skin of men and women?

There are some general differences, but not that important, between the two species

of leather. For example, men usually have more facial hair,

they have more oil and their skin is a little thicker than their

women. However, there have not been large investigations that fully justify the

sorting of products by gender. The main criterion for product selection

skin type remains.

Should products be segregated by gender?

No, and fortunately more and more brands and e-shops are putting aside this

approach. Even the make-up products can be comfortably used by one

man - although abroad there are series aimed exclusively at men.

It is purely a matter of personal choice. Beyond that, there are some

products, such as depilatories that make sense

parting, as men's hair is harder, but again this is not


How should we choose products?

We choose daily care products according to the type and needs

of our skin. For example, if we have oily skin with acne tendencies or if we have dry

skin suffering from dehydration and so on. If, for example, you are looking for

antioxidant action and you have mixed-oily skin try Active Hyaluronic

Cream with rose water, olive oil, geranium, and hyaluronic acid. One more thing to

look is if we have an allergy or intolerance to any of the ingredients of the products

which we choose. Finally, we always look at product labels for markings like

Is there a significant difference between women's and men's products?

No, there is no major difference in terms of formulas, ingredients, or

how to apply. For example, you will find hyaluronic acid or niacinamide in both

product categories. Often, men's products are thinner, as the

men's skins are more oily, but this is not a significant difference since

there are also "women's" products with a texture that does not leave the skin greasy, and can

a man can use them fearlessly. The main difference concerns packaging and


Are the products made differently?

No. There is no significant difference in the way of preparation, either speaking

for body or face products. All products are designed and created with

similar formulas and ingredients, while subject to similar controls. The

Antibacterial & Nourishing Hand & Body Wash, completely covers the men's and

female skin.

At euthalia, although our core audience consists of women, we have a gender-neutral approach and aesthetics and our products can comfortably also be used by men. After all, what we are interested in is creating unique and quality products, which will satisfy your needs, regardless of biological or social sex.

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