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Terms & Conditions

1. General

1.1. Welcome to the Website of Euthalia Cosmetics, (hereinafter referred to as “Site”). The is online store that offers for sale Greek Natural Cosmetics for women and men. Holder of this site is Efthalia Stamataki Individual Enterprise, based in Athens, Greece, VAT 042572157, Tax Office Chalandri, (hereinafter referred to as «», «Euthalia», «Recipes Efthalia. “” we “,” us “,” our “), which also manages.

1.2. Access to this Website and the products and services offered through this website (hereinafter referred to as the “Services” or “Products”), the use and carrying out the purchases and sales are subject to these terms, conditions and notes (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”). Making navigation on this Website and using the Services and / or by making purchases and sales of the products available, accept all these current and current Terms and Conditions, and from time to time updates governing the operation of this site. If your dispute or any your reservation for some or for all of these terms, please contact our Customer Service Department via the section Contact us before browsing or using the Services or the transaction, or you still send us a written letter to our address otherwise expressly presumed that the acceptance of all the terms you are and will be considered unqualified.

1.3. You regularly visit this site to keep track of any changes to the Terms and Conditions. However clarified that a possible future modification of the terms does not take orders which have already been made, but now applies for the future. Our company reserves the right to amend, renew or upgrade at any time without prior notice to the respective user / consumer / visitor / member / buyer (the total of the user) of Euthalia : a) part or all of these terms of use, b) part or all of the contents of Euthalia and c) all or part of the external display (interface), the structure or composition (configuration) of Euthalia and technical specifications as well and limit access to the entire site or a part thereof and / or part thereof be paid. The company also reserves the right at any time, without justification and without prior notice to the user Euthalia cancel, suspend or terminate the operation of Euthalia. Access to this site is permitted under these terms and conditions and we reserve the right to remove or change the provided services without prior notice, but always strictly the information and update these Terms, to make it possible at any time update of users.

1.4. This website also contains links to other websites, which are not managed by Euthalia company (the “Linked Sites”). The Euthalia company can not control the Linked Sites, nor does it guarantee the clearance, correctness, legality, completeness or quality of the content and does not accept responsibility for them or for any loss or damage that may be caused by their use. When you use the Linked Sites, respectively valid Terms and Conditions of each website.

1.5. Applicants are official members in Euthalia upon registration on our website. You currently subscribe only as individuals.

1.6. Note that the section FAQ, Store Policy, Privacy Policy, Shipping & Returns through unity Contact us solely to provide assistance and information and do not replace in any case the “Terms and Conditions.

1.7. If desired, you can subscribe to the list of newsletters / newsletters of our company. Registration is possible for non-members. After registration you receive bulletins / newsletters from all commercial websites / websites of our company.

2. Description of transactions and services

2.1. E of Euthalia store displays, promotes and sells products of suppliers with which it cooperates. As a supplier means within the meaning of n. 2251/1994 on consumer protection and any producer / packer, importer / distributor, as defined in specific legislation (the “suppliers” for short). The company reserves the right to freely choose the products raised on the Website and to modify, update and / or withdraw them at any time without prior notice. The same applies to the pricing policy, any promotions and discounts which may select and perform freely and to amend, at any time update and / or withdrawn without prior notice and / or compliance deadline provided information users like and where legally provided.

2.2. In any case noted that the description of the product components and generally the information contained in the indications on the products and the production and expiry dates of these is from the same suppliers whose data on the product and that .gr (which is involved in the distribution chain only as an intermediate or final seller) is not required, nor is able to control nor is responsible for the truth or accuracy thereof.

3. Privacy Policy

You can find our Privacy Policy, which explains how we use your information in the section entitled “Privacy Policy”. By using this Website, you agree with the contents of this section and you warrant that all data provided by you is accurate, true and updated.

4. Restrictions on access and use of the Site

4.1 You may not misuse this Website, the hindering or in any way disturbing the operation of the website, and the replacement or change its content. You must not commit or encourage criminal acts, transmit or distribute viruses, Trojans, worm-type viruses, logic bombs or post any other malicious or technologically harmful material and actions are generally not permitted that may lead to an unacceptable or excessive burden on infrastructure or site operation. Also prohibited the breach of confidentiality obligations or use the website in any way offensive or obscene.

4.2. Additionally, PROHIBITED to violate any part of the Services, destroy data, to induce resentment in others, to violate the property rights of others, to send unsolicited advertising or promotional material, commonly known as “spam» (spam) or try affecting the performance or functionality of any of the Site features or characteristics which accessed through the Site. Violation of this provision is a criminal offense under Greek law and diokesthe katatis relevant criminal provisions. The Euthalia company will report any such breach may come to the attention of the competent law enforcement authorities and disclose to them the evidence of your identity, in accordance with the law.

5. Intellectual Property, Software and Content

5.1. The website is the official website of Euthalia company. The intellectual property rights in all software and content to which you have access to this Site or through it, remain the property of Euthalia or providers that license and protected by the international and non-laws and treaties on copyright. All these rights belong to Euthalia company and providers that license.

5.2. Under no circumstances should the appearance and display of the content of the Site be construed as a transfer and / and / or license or right of use. You can save, print and display the content available only for personal use. Publish not allowed, management, distribution, total or partial copy, transfer, processing, storage, republish, modify or reproduce in any other way, in any form any part of the content or copies of the content supplied to you or displayed on this Site or you can use this content on any business or commercial activity unless you have received written permission from Euthalia company.

Nor, modify, translate, reverse engineer, rebuild or create derivative works using any software or accompanying documentation offers Euthalia or providers that license. In addition, you do not have any permission or consent use, in any manner, the trademarks and logos of Euthalia and agree not to use these marks or any marks similar colors, without the written permission of our company.

5.3. Photographic display of our products

We have made every effort to ensure realistic and accurate pictures of the majority of our products, which are sold through our Website. However, due to technological limitations, these pictures may differ from the actual situation, form and product image. This is only natural given the limited technological capabilities, even with use of the latest technological developments in the field of photographic imaging.

Note that, although the company has tried Euthalia to the colors of its products, the actual displays accurate colors you see depend on your monitor specifications and, consequently, may not be accurate.

5.4. Not invoke or guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any information or content of any products or services, software or advertisements contained on this Web site, distributed through this, taken from this as well as for third-party content to which you are referred through hyperlinks from the Website or that your website provides access.

5.5. Licence for website access

We hereby provide you a limited license to access and make personal use of this site, but not download or modify this license or any part of it, except with the express written permission of Euthalia company. This license does not permit any resale or commercial use of this Site or its contents, any collection and use of any lists, descriptions or prices, any derivative use of this Site or its contents, any downloading or copying of account information for the benefit of another trader or any use of data mining tools, robot or similar data gathering and extraction tools.

5.6. Reproduction, copying, copied, sold, resold, visited, or otherwise exploit this Site or any part thereof for any commercial purpose without our express written permission. We have exclusive rights to the name of our company and all trade names displayed on our site properly subject to legal protection.

5.7. You may not use frames or framing to surround any trademark, logo or other proprietary information (including video, images, text, page layout, or form) of Euthalia Site without our written consent. You may not use any “meta tags” or any other “hidden text” based on names or trademarks of Euthalia or affiliates without our express written consent. Unauthorized use of the authorization granted by the Euthalia company ceases automatically apply the challenged law will suffer the legal consequences, given the intensity and extent of the infection at the entitlement in law from EUTHALIA company.

5.8. You may not use any logo or other proprietary graphic or trademark of Euthalia or open source code or part of the link without our prior written consent.

6. Prices

6.1. The company reserves the right in general and the user of accepts, freely shaping its pricing policy, amend the listed prices in the website and change and / or withdraw offers at any time with or without prior notice to users Euthalia, who will be informed of the current value each time from the relevant post in web page. Although we try to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices on this website are accurate, errors may occur. If we find an error in the price of any product that you have ordered, we will inform you as soon and will enable you to confirm your re ordering the correct price or cancel it. If we fail to contact you, we will assume that the order was canceled. If you canceled your order in accordance with our Terms and Conditions, but you have already paid for the goods, you will receive back all the money without interest.

6.2.The prices displayed on our website for the same product in different currencies but may include varying degrees since the pricing policy of the company is formed freely on the basis and the currency in which the order and not a simple assignment carried out under the equivalence between currencies. You understand that it is not possible to control and the corresponding pricing depending on the rate at any time. The cost of the mission will be additionally charged and will be informed about these costs in the same currency that you put your order. All incidental charges that may occur are clearly and includes detailed chapters on “Total Cost”.

6.3. The Services / Products may contain typographical errors or other errors or inaccuracies and may not be in complete form or updated to the last detail. Therefore we reserve the right to correct at any time any errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update information on the website without prior notice. also reserve the right to refuse the execution of any orders you submit based on information contained in the Service and may contain errors or inaccuracies, including, among other cases such errors, inaccuracies or outdated information about prices, shipping, payment terms or refund policies.

7. Withdrawal

7.1. Our aim is to ensure total customer satisfaction. In any case, we invite you to check the products upon receipt. However, if you receive a defective product or if there is any problem, immediately contact our Customer Support through the section Contact us for more details. Also read the Delivery Policy which governs the issues of returns and total force to the present.

7.2. Users who make transactions in our online store as consumers can make a withdrawal from the transaction within 14 (calendar) days from receipt of the order by sending (within that period) the withdrawal form or otherwise with the mission statement withdrawal with the product provided that in this case both (product declaration) received by the Company within 14 days of receipt of the product.

7.3. If you exercise your right of withdrawal from the market of a product not then excluded for withdrawal of products purchased from our online store, the following apply:

a) The refunds should be made within no later than 14 days from the exercise of the right of withdrawal by sending your responsibility and your expense only to the headquarters Euthalia company.

b) To be eligible for a return to should the product you send to receipt by us to be in the condition it was received, not used, complete with the original packaging intact, together with all the documents accompanying the product and they have maintained the correct storage conditions.

c) The products being returned must be sent to the above address and should be accompanied by: a) the Proof Retail / Sales Invoice or Delivery Note and the Declaration of Withdrawal (even if we have it already written and electronic). In particular, the form must be completed with all the necessary information requested, printed and signed by you. Then put the form together with the return package.

d). Where the conditions of paragraph b) and c) above, the refund of the price you have already paid will be made directly by us or in collaboration with the cooperating provider payment or otherwise within the time period prescribed by law in case of withdrawal. If money refunded by a third party payment provider agent (e.g PayPal, Credit Card, etc.) may be charged with any commission that the particular third party provider will charge based on usage and operating conditions of, for which there responsible our company.

e) particularly note that unless these conditions are met or if there is any of the aforesaid documents accompanying the product, your request for withdrawal can not be satisfied, and the product will be returned to you freight prepaid.

f) It is recalled that the withdrawal is not the case Gift Card purchase.

8. Change / Cancel Order

8.1. Change or cancel an order (either product or Gift Card) is only accepted if the order confirmation has been sent, that order can not be completed. Attention because it is noted that after the order confirmation is NOT possible either to change the declared delivery address for any reason, for safety reasons (combating fraud).

8.2. You, if you are a consumer, to exercise the right of withdrawal or the product return process.

8.3 However, in case of any problem please contact our Customer Service Department for further details through Section Contact.

8.4. If any required repayment of all or part of the price that may have already been paid to our Company on your order cancellation or change in the above, the corresponding amount will be refunded directly in a way to be agreed between us. If money refunded by a third party payment provider agent (e.g PayPal, Credit Card, etc.) may be charged with any commission that the particular third party provider will charge based on usage and operating conditions of, for which there responsible our company.

9. Returns true if the defect or lack of guaranteed properties

9.1 Our aim is to ensure total customer satisfaction. However, if you receive a defective product by our fault or if there is any other problem from our fault, immediately contact our Customer Service Department via the section Contact us for more details.

9.2. In all cases of returning goods because of established real defect or proven lack of guaranteed properties of our fault, purchased from our online store, the following apply:

i) Returns are only in the direction from which you sent the product. The receipt of the product from our company will be handled only by our partner carrier after contact our Customer Service Department via the Contact Us section to tell us about the problem detected has occurred on a specific product. The delivery of the product to be returned will be made solely by the delivery address which you indicated when placing your order.

ii) To accept a return to the product must be in the condition it was received, not used, complete with the original packaging intact and preserved the correct storage conditions.

iii). Products returned must be accompanied by: With Retail / Sales Invoice Receipt or Delivery Note, particularly point out that if there is any of the aforesaid accompanying product documentation, your request is not the product may not be satisfied not received from our company.

10. Disclaimer

10.1. The content of this site (at the posted products and offered services) provided without warranties, conditions or other guarantees of accuracy. Unless expressly stated otherwise, to the maximum extent permitted by law, the Euthalia company and content providers and advertisers to explicitly exclude hereby any conditions, warranties and other terms which might otherwise be drawn from existing legislation and you will not be responsible for any damages, including, but without limitation, direct, indirect, special, consequential, punished or incidental damages, or damages for loss of use, profits, data or other property, damage to reputation or reputation, or the costs of substitute products and services, arising from or related to the use, inability to use, operation or failures of this Website or the linked Site and any material displayed there, regardless of whether such damage could be predicted or occur under the contract, to conduct purchase from our website, from our website products or tort, under applicable law or otherwise. Also not responsible if you are entitled to reimbursement of all or part of the consideration for any delay of associated payment service providers for the execution of the order that the company has timely Euthalia give.

10.2. We are not responsible for any loss or damage that may be caused by attack on denial of service, viruses or other technologically harmful material that may infect your hardware, your software, your data or other proprietary material due to the use of this Site or downloading any material has been posted on this or on any website linked to it.

10.3. The company and its partners make every effort, within the technological control carried out at regular intervals, that the services, content and transactions take place smoothly and without interruption and kept high level of security available. Not responsible, however, if for any reason, including negligence, crash or becomes difficult to access it or / if and / or impossible, despite retained security measures, identify “viruses” or other harmful software and transmitted to the terminals of the users / visitors, or if unauthorized third parties intervene in any way to the content and operation of the site making it difficult to use or causing problems in the correct operation thereof or stealing data relating to personal data of users. Also we are not responsible if our website to access termination for reasons beyond our sphere of influence, and owing to technical or other failure of the network or force majeure events or games.

11. Links to this Site

You can log on our home page, provided you act in a fair and legal manner, without hurting or taking advantage of our reputation, but may not create a link to imply any kind of relationship with us, or approval or support from us where there is not. You must not create link to any website not under your property. This Website may not be placed in a frame on any other website or you can create a link to any part of this Website other than the homepage. We reserve the right to remove the connection permission without notice.

12. Compensation

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Euthalia company and its directors, officers, employees, consultants, representatives and affiliates from any and all claims of third parties, liability, damages and / or costs (including, but not limited to, fees legal consultants) arising from use of the Site or breach by you of these Terms and Conditions. In any case, however, and if any of your damage is proven negligence of the company, the company is only liable to cover any actual loss of the injured party from and directly related to the harmful event and the company’s negligence. Likewise all liability restrictions listed in these terms uses which recognizes and accepts the user / consumer / visitor / member of Euthalia them all as valid and in accordance with good faith and commercial usage.

13. Modification

The Euthalia Cosmetics has the right, in its sole discretion, at any time and without notice to amend, remove or change the Services / Products and / or any page of this Site.

14. Nullity

If any part of these Terms and Conditions is unenforceable (including any provision in which we exclude our liability to you) the enforce-ability of any other part of the Terms and Conditions will not be affected – all other conditions will remain fully in force. In any case, if possible, the possibility of a term / sub-clause or part of a clause / sub-clause be considered separately in order to be valid the remainder of the term shall be construed accordingly. Otherwise, you agree that this should be rectified and interpreted to be as close as possible to the original meaning of the clause / sub-clause, according to the law.

15. Contact

15.1 always appreciate the feedback information of our customers or other suggestions about our website and Euthalia company, but understand that the fact that we use them entails no obligation to use it or to reimburse you for this (just as you have not no obligation to send us them). By submitting any material to us, you agree to use the Euthalia accordance with these Terms and Conditions. If you do not want to grant to Euthalia the aforementioned authorization in connection with these terms, do not submit or share it any material on the Website or our company, otherwise infer that you accept the Terms and Conditions.

15.2. When you visit the Website or send us e-mail (e-mail), communicating with us electronically. We communicate with you via e-mail (e-mail) or by posting notices on the Website. Under the contract, you agree to receive electronic communications from us, and that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications which we provide to you electronically satisfy all legal requirements for written communication.

Apply a complaint handling procedure to try to resolve any dispute arising. If you have any complaints or comments, contact our Customer Service Department via the Contact Us section.

16. Social media (social media)

Your website provides the option of interacting with social media, that the options “I love” of Facebook, the Twitter, Google+, Instagram and more. These features can allow access and / or connection to your accounts in social networks. We do not control these services your social networks and profiles on them and can not change your privacy settings to these services or to set rules for how to use your personal information to these services. These issues can only check you and the providers of social networking services, not Euthalia company. Before using any such feature is available on our Web site, we recommend that you read all policies and information on the services of the respective social media to learn more about their privacy policies. We are not responsible for any actions or omissions of any social networking service provider or for your use of the features included in their platform.

17. Waiver

To the extent permitted, exclude hereby the responsibility for any claims, losses, claims or damages of any kind on the Site or the data appearing therein, including, without limitation, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential loss or damage, whether resulting from the following indicative questions, loss of profits, loss of income, loss of data, loss of use or other, either Euthalia was advised of the possibility of such losses or not. The foregoing will apply whether such claims, loss or damages arise in tort, under contract, negligence, under applicable law or otherwise. However, when you use our services, they do not affect your statutory rights. Always have in mind that our site is provided “as is”. Consequently, the access is made solely by the visitor / user.

18. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These terms are governed by and construed under the laws of Greece and the European Union (EU). You agree, as we do, that you are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Athens in Greece, Europe.

19. The Entire Contract

19.1 These Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy are an integral part of the “Terms and Conditions” and totally binding on the parties (the company and users) and are whole entire agreement of the parties and supersede any and all previous and current contracts between you and Euthalia.

19.2. If any provision of the contract is held to be unfair or cancel this not gripped and other conditions of the contract remain valid and binding on the parties.

19.3 Any delay exercise by the parties of part or all of the rights under these terms does not entail weakening or waiver of this right which may be exercised at any time at a later stage and during the reasonable judgment of the recipient.

Policy of Ethical behavior of our suppliers
As a recognized and reputable company, the Euthalia company committed to offer high quality products and feel obliged to ensure that suppliers of components used for the creation of our products operate on some ethical rules. We expect our suppliers to consistently provide their employees with a safe and healthy working environment, with respect for fundamental human rights. All suppliers must comply with labor laws and regulations in force in their country as an indication, in relation to the following:

Minimum employment age limit Free choice of employment, health and safety, freedom of association and collective bargaining, non-discrimination, not harsh or inhumane treatment, working hours, fees, employment conditions.

The Euthalia company will never knowingly procure products from countries outside Greece and companies which do not comply with these principles. Also, we hope that our suppliers encourage respect these principles when dealing with their own supplier base, but we can not guarantee that we actually act in this direction. Due to the complexity of certain supply chains of our suppliers is not always possible, nor do we have an obligation to track and monitor the conditions under which each person involved in the production of our products. However, as the Euthalia Cosmetics company continues to expand, we recognize the importance of prevention and intensive effort, to the maximum extent possible, the protection of the rights involved in the production of products we offer. The Euthalia not responsible for any unethical behavior of its suppliers.

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