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What is Clean Sheet Bet? How to Win Clean Sheet Bet

The clean sheet bet is one of the relatively new and uncommon types of bets, only offered by a few reputable bookmakers. So what exactly is a clean sheet bet? Let's delve into betting tips uk the details of clean sheet bets at today's bookmakers.


A clean sheet bet at bookmakers is a side bet where players predict whether the home team or the away team will keep a clean sheet in the upcoming match. This type of bet is also known as the Clean Sheet bet, No Goals Conceded bet, No Goals bet, or Clean Sheet bet.

Clean sheet bets rarely appear in regular football matches; usually, only large bookmakers provide this type of bet to enhance the player's experience. This is because only major bookmakers have enough analysts, researchers, and the ability to offer the most reasonable football betting odds, whereas smaller bookmakers may lack this capability.


The clean sheet bet is calculated based on the odds. The higher the odds, the lower the likelihood that the team will keep a clean sheet. For example, if the odds for Team A to win the clean sheet bet are 1.50, it means you will receive 150,000 VND if you bet 100,000 VND and Team A keeps a clean sheet.


There are two main types of clean sheet bets:

Clean Sheet Bet for the First Half: This bet requires the team you bet on to not concede any goals in the first half.

Clean Sheet Bet for the Whole Match: This bet requires the team you bet on to not concede any goals throughout the entire match.


Clean sheet betting comes with certain advantages and risks:


Higher chances of winning compared to other types of bets such as Asian Handicap or European Handicap.

Higher odds compared to other types of bets.


Requires extensive knowledge and experience to analyze and evaluate the clean sheet potential of teams.

Lower profits if the bet is won.


To play clean sheet betting effectively, you need betting tips 1x2 app to consider the following issues:

Choose suitable bets: You should choose clean sheet bets that are appropriate for your abilities. If you are just starting out, you should opt for clean sheet bets in the first half with low odds.

Analyze and assess teams' clean sheet capabilities: You need to analyze and assess teams' clean sheet capabilities based on factors such as recent performance, head-to-head history, squad strength, etc.

Monitor match developments: You need to monitor match developments to make appropriate betting decisions. If the team you bet on struggles defensively, you should consider withdrawing your bet.

Some tips for clean sheet betting:

Here are some tips for clean sheet betting that you can consider:

Select teams with solid defense: Teams with solid defense are more likely to keep a clean sheet. You can refer to statistics such as average goals conceded, recent clean sheets, etc., to assess teams' defensive capabilities.

Choose teams playing at home: Teams playing at home usually have psychological and morale advantages, thereby having a higher chance of keeping a clean sheet.

Select teams in good form: Teams in good form tend to play consistently and have a higher chance of keeping a clean sheet.

Notes for players when placing clean sheet bets:

In the process of participating in clean sheet betting, you need to pay attention to the following simple things.

Choose the tournament to bet on

As an attractive and often high-reward bet, it's essential to choose reputable tournaments, ones that are not prone to match-fixing. Therefore, you should choose tournaments such as the Euro, World Cup, or the top European leagues like Serie A, Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga... Not only that, these tournaments often gather information and news to make betting more convenient.

Determine the purpose when placing bets

Each football team has its own purpose when participating in matches. For major tournaments like the Euro or the World Cup, every team aims to win. However, for championship leagues or lower divisions, teams commonly aim to avoid relegation. These factors greatly affect the number of goals scored in the match. Thus, teams will have different attacking and defensive tactics. This is the decisive factor in deciding whether to bet on these matches or not.

Gather accurate betting information

Before each football match, you should gather information about the teams, especially regarding the lineup, tactics, players, including midfielders, defenders, and goalkeepers. These are the factors that affect the goal-scoring ability of both teams. By analyzing and meticulously synthesizing this information, you will know which team is at risk of conceding and which team is likely to keep a clean sheet, just by a simple margin.

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Clean sheet betting is an interesting type of bet and has the potential to bring high profits to players. However, to play this type of bet effectively, you need knowledge and experience in analyzing and assessing teams' clean sheet capabilities.


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