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What is Correct Score Betting? 5 Tips for Winning Correct Score Bets

Understanding the concept of correct score betting and mastering its strategies will enable you to bet confidently and hopefully win big.

Among all the betting options on match scores, correct score betting is perhaps the most challenging yet incredibly enticing for players.

If you're interested in this type of betting, it's essential to grasp the following basic information:

What is Correct Score Betting?

Correct score betting, also known as exact score soccer tips pro requires players to predict and place bets on the exact score of a match within the official 90 minutes (or first half).

If your prediction matches the actual outcome, you'll receive a corresponding reward based on the odds offered by that betting option. However, incorrect predictions result in losing the stake.

Why is Correct Score Betting Popular?

Correct score betting is extremely popular in football cafes. In English, it's termed "Correct Score," meaning predicting the exact match result without any margin of error.

The difficulty of this type of bet lies in its requirement for precise predictions, unlike Asian Handicap bets where you only need to select the winning team regardless of the score.

Because of its difficulty, the odds offered for correct score betting are very attractive—commonly ranging from 1 to 10, 1 to 15, or even 1 to 30.

How to Play Correct Score Betting

To engage in correct score betting effectively, you need to ensure you understand the basic rules provided by the bookmakers, such as:

Understanding the Odds: Familiarize yourself with the odds listed on the betting board provided by the bookmaker to choose the correct option.

Bookmakers base their offerings on the relative strengths of the two teams, presenting score options like 1-0, 0-1, 0-0, 1-1, or more extreme scores like 4-1, 3-2...

Additionally, due to the unpredictable nature of football, there is an "Any Other Score" (AOS) option, which allows betting on scores other than those specified by the bookmaker.

Match and Tournament Information.

Betting Period: Full Time (FT) or First Half (H1).

Reward Odds: These are the odds for winning the correct score bet, which vary for each betting option.

Betting Options: In correct score betting, each betting option differs across all matches.

Result Calculation Rules: The score used to calculate results is the official score recognized by the referee.

All invalid goals do not count towards the betting results.

For matches canceled before or during the game, bets will be refunded.

Betting Procedure: Players can place bets before the match or even during the match. However, in-play bets are settled from the moment the bet is placed until the end of the match. Odds are calculated at the time the bet is placed.

To place a bet, click directly on the reward odds of each option, enter the amount to bet, and confirm.

The bookmaker will then use the match result to settle the betting results.

Calculating Bet Winnings: To understand correct score betting, you also need to know how winnings and losses are calculated using European odds. Specifically:

Winning Bet, Money Earned = Capital x Reward Odds (score betting odds).

Losing Bet, Money Lost = Betting Capital.

Strategies for Accurate Score Predictions

Here are five effective methods for achieving accurate score predictions:

Choose Tournaments and Matches: For precise bets like this, focus on major tournaments and high-profile matches. These matches offer more reliable and accurate information, and any last-minute changes can be updated promptly.

Check Recent Match History Between the Two Teams: While form matters in correct score soccer handicap tips it doesn't entirely determine the outcome. Pay attention to the head-to-head record, especially between teams from the same country or city. In such matches, teams often repeat their history more than showcasing their current form.

Refer to Predictions: It's essential to consult predictions because your own opinion alone may not be entirely accurate. Seeking advice from fellow bettors on prominent forums or insights from experts on betting websites provides valuable data to enhance your personal prediction.

Bet on Multiple Options: Avoid placing all your bets on a single option. For correct score betting, it's safer to bet on 2-3 options, increasing your chances of winning while ensuring your investment is more effective.

Avoid Overcommitting: Given the high difficulty of this betting type, the theoretical chances of winning are low. Therefore, it's crucial not to commit too much to this bet type. Instead, complement it with a more secure option like Asian Handicap or European Handicap.


After reading this article, you should now understand what correct score betting is and how you can participate in it to potentially earn rewards from trustworthy sports betting platforms.

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