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Clean beauty, necessity or trend?

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Clean Beauty: Undoubtedly the two words we hear more and more often lately in the field of beauty! It is presented as the biggest trend of our time, but first appeared in 2014 on the occasion of the global wellness movement.

But what do we know about this concept?

What Clean Beauty means?

The term Clean Beauty translates as pure beauty. Companies that profess the philosophy of "pure beauty" create products that do not contain toxic-harmful ingredients, which burden both man and the natural environment. Products suchas active hyaluronic cream or cistus cold cream are clean beauty and cosmetics.

Clean beauty and sustainability

In order to classify a product as clean beauty, it is not sufficient that its ingredients are not toxic and harmful, its production process must be combined with the concept of viability at all stages: from raw materials and the way they are secured to the packaging of the product. All clean beauty products are offered in packages that are either recyclable or come from recycled materials, without burdening the planet.

Clean Beauty difference with Organic

Organic products are certified by a competent body that the ingredients they contain are organic; a product may have natural ingredients that are not organic; for example, cistus cold cream with 100% natural composition contains kisto, which is a natural ingredient but is not a certified organic ingredient; for this reason, cistus cold cream can be classified as Clean Beauty, but not an organic product.

All euthalia products are clean beauty as they contain natural ingredients, some of which have also been certified as organic.

Clean Beauty difference with Vegan

Usually when we hear that a product is Clean Beauty, we also consider it vegan. such as beekeeping, propolis or honey.

Which products are Cruelty free?

Beauty products that have not been tested on animals are considered Cruelty Free.

How we recognize clean beauty cosmetics

Unlike bio, vegan, and cruelty free products, for clean beauty there is no legislation or certification that identifies them; but how can the consumer recognize clean beauty products? The only way to identify them is to read carefully their ingredients, which are necessarily listed on their packaging.

So the main feature of Clean Beauty products is that they contain only natural and non-toxic ingredients.

While all the above terms do not overlap and thus a product that is Clean Beauty is not necessarily both Vegan and Organic, it is not the same as the term ofNon-Toxic, since the concept of Clean Beauty includes exclusively products with natural and non-toxic ingredients.

In euthalia we are committed to creating clean beauty products with minimal environmental impact.

Now that you know the differences, the decision to put Clean Beauty products into your life is yours!

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