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Gift bag Brightening Exfoliating Balsam 100ml + Handmade Olive Soap 50g + Natural Sponge


A wonderful gift for your daily cleansing skin care.

100% cotton storage pouch, Brightening Exfoliating Balsam, Olive Soap, and a natural sponge.


Brightening Exfoliating Balsam 100ml

Exfoliating face and body lotion with 97% natural composition. The gentle and active mixture of olive oil, oil kernel, and cistus removes dead skin cells that make the skin look dull, leaving it smooth and radiant.


Use it 2-3 times a week.


For all skin types, even sensitive ones.


Handmade olive soap 50gr 

100% natural cold process soap for the whole body, hair and face. Made exclusively with olive oil, without dyes and scents. Not only rich in oleic acid and vitamin E, but also full of emollient and moisturizing properties, it has a multilevel beneficial effect on the skin; fast irritation healing, deep skin cleansing, natural moisture retention, skin softness and rejuvenation.

For daily use by the whole family and children. Olive Soap is ideal for sensitive, very dry skin with neurodermatitis and eczema.


Olive Soap is biodegradable and eco-friendly.


Natural sponge 

100% natural, hypoallergenic organic sponge. It is ideal for the skin as it is very delicate, soft, and durable. Its silky texture renders it suitable even for the care of the baby’s sensitive skin. It deters the accumulation of bacteria, while it is stain and odor-resistant. The easy-care natural sponge does turn your daily skincare routine into a velvet-textured healthy pleasure.


After each use, rinse with olive oil soap and let it dry in a sunny and dry place.


For daily use, for all skin types.

Gift bag Brightening Exfoliating Balsam + Handmade Olive Soap + Natural sponge


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