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Multi-Purpose Dry Oil, is a valuable combination of fine vegetable oils, rich in vitamins and essential nutrients that penetrate the epidermis and during pregnancy. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it enriches the skin with all the beneficial properties, enhances its reconstruction, moisturizes the skin, and restores its elasticity and durability.

Its scented offers a feeling of relaxation and rest. It is completely absorbed without leaving traces of oiliness.


For all skin types 


For external use 


Multipurpose Dry Oil:


-deeply hydrates the whole body after shower or sunbathing


-moisturizes the face, replacing the night serum


-protects hair from damage and split ends


-nourishes the nails


-prevents the stretch marks during puberty


-fights against pregnancy stretch marks


-combats cellulite by improving blood circulation & lymph flow and minimizing the orange-peel skin effect.


Multipurpose Dry Oil 100ml

€29.80 Regular Price
€19.80Sale Price