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This facial mask, tones and cleanses the skin of any cosmetic residues, debris and dead cells. It can be used with a variety of natural products and does not contain alcohol or any other toxic substances.
The mask is originally in dried and compressed form, with a diameter of only 2cm. It is very light and easy to carry.


For all skin types 

Natural Cotton Facial Mask


Start by placing the facial mask inside a few milligrams of euthalia’s refreshing toner and wait
for 2-3 mins, until the mask has absorbed it. While waiting, wash your face with any facial cleanser.
When the mask is ready, carefully unfold it and cover the whole face with it. Wait for 10-15 minutes.
Finally, remove the mask from your face and apply your moisturizing cream. 
 Daily Use.
 For all skin types.
 5ps/bag

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